About Us | Uptown Wag

dog bandanas made in usa 


When we started, we were "two humans and a dog" - what is life with just one dog? We rescued Rogue when he was 3 years old and he is one of the best decisions we ever made. Now, we are "two humans and two dogs". 


Uptown Wag was started while on the hunt for the perfect bandana for our sweet (and wild) Breck. I always had an idea in mind of the perfect prints and patterns I was looking for in a bandana but could never track down the ones I wanted. I decided if I can't find them, I'll make them!


Fast forward a few months later and a failed attempt at sewing, I decided to partner up with local small businesses, right here in Texas, who were experts in making handcrafted designs with the textiles I curated. 


With these small batch designs, it allows us to be flexible in making the prints and patterns you want to put on your fur babe. We love getting feedback and can't wait to hear from you and see our handcrafted classics on your pup.


For the love of dogs,

- Kelsey, Matt, Breck & Rogue